Towards the 30th anniversary of its founding

Historical development of Vietnam General Tobacco Company associated with innovation process management mechanism, transforming the economy from managing subsidy to the market mechanism, unified state undertakings business management industries Drugs leaves, attached to advocate innovation and acquisitions, improving the efficiency of State enterprises, preparation of international integration.
Especially during the renovation period, the period 1985 – 1995, total Company pioneered innovative implementation of guidelines and policies of the Party and the State, creating groundbreaking developments, expanding production, self Home consumption of products, taking advantage of cooperation, reflecting the change in the direction of growth in the scale and range of the Total company, contributed significantly to the development of the country.
Through accelerated strategy in two phases from 1996 to 2005 is 10 years after the model of the State General Company undertakings and innovation State enterprise reorganization of the Party and the Government, and the next step on stage paintings, integration and operation modeled parent company – subsidiary company from 2006 to the present, the company has gradually total growth of quality: production and business development, product restructuring, strengthening intensive investment, promote joint ventures, the core of the arrangement, sector management, implementing industrialization Tobacco industry. With the reception and investment management business added some food industries, the General Company has a new development in diversified businesses, in line with the trend of development, to gradually become a set Group food industry on a par with other countries in the region, to contribute actively and effectively in the work of social and economic development, industrialization – modernization of the country.
The great achievements of the Corporation Vietnam Tobacco Party and State has been recognized with many honors, from previous Independence Medal Order of Ho Chi Minh to today, shows the results of Additional efforts to strive, incessantly labor and creativity of the next generation of leaders, officials, and employees of the Corporation and its member units through the period. In the coming years, leaders, officials, and employees Corporation will constantly strive, to overcome difficulties and challenges, continue to look to the future, developing into a powerful economic conglomerates, durable firmly, making a worthy contribution to the cause of industrialization – modernization of the country.