News Briefs tobacco industry 5B-2013

Zimbabwe: Number of tobacco sales reached 100 thousand tons in consecutive 4 9/5 years – Up to 55 days of the tobacco auction starting February 13 in Zimbabwe, farmers were selling was 107 thousand tons, worth 400 million USD with an average price of $ 3.71 per kilogram, compared with 84 thousand tons with a value of 315 million sold in the same period of 2012 and exceeded 100 thousand tons in four season consecutive. (Herald – Harare)

India: Andhra Pradesh Farmers need FDI
9/5 – The members of the Association for the Welfare of Virginia tobacco growers from Andhra Pradesh, India, requires Commerce Minister Mr Anand Federation Sharma allow foreign direct investment in the collection, processing and cigarette production. The association said existing leaf collectors in India are forming a coalition, together with braking prices and make it difficult for growers to offset production costs. Farmers believe that allowing FDI will weaken the league alleged. (Hindu Business Line)

Malawi: Farmers urged to increase production FCV tobacco
9/5 – Dr. Bruce Munthali, executive director of the Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) in Malawi, urged farmers to increase acreage FCV tobacco leaf, and said that the large-scale commercial farmers Small could earn more if they plant diversity. Mr. Munthali said farmers currently grow 10-20 thousand tons of FCV tobacco, compared with 40-50 thousand tons in the past. He said TCC would provide certified seeds to help growers with higher yields.
(Maravi Post)

Switzerland / USA: The long-term goal of PMI is expected to achieve
10/5 – Morgan Stanley analyst said Philip Morris International is expected to achieve, but not exceed, the long-term financial target of it in 2013, in the context of 1) difficult start by 2013 more than expected in the EU, where the basic amount of cigarettes declined 8% in quarter 1/2013; 2) the volume of untaxed products spike in the Philippines after the excise tax increase on January 1, with the decision to increase the profit margin is higher than expected by retailers to Fortune priced brands of PMI; 3) higher costs in Indonesia clove; 4) in quarter 2/2013 shipments of Japanese PMI to benefit from the level of commercial inventories after 2011 related to the earthquake / tsunami in March, and 5) continued high capital expenditure than in Russia began in mid-2012 (Morgan Stanley)

Thailand: Confiscation of contraband tobacco
9/5 – Tariff officials seized 75,000 packs of cigarettes from a boat smuggling into Thailand. Contraband was found on P. Adisak, a ship with dual nationality Thailand-Malaysia, Koh Sam offshore in the Andaman Sea, in Muang District, Chief of Special Consumption Tax Poolsavadi Somchai said. Three crew members – Ma-ea Masuree, Dawuth Bilingload and Veeravat Munyamin – accused evaded excise duty and fined a total of 161 million baht. (Bangkok Post)

Turkey: World Tobacco (WT) cancel the trade exhibition in Istanbul
7/5 – World Tobacco Turkey in 2013 was canceled after the exhibition center where the host was abolished allowing trade fair held less than a month before the event begins on July 29 May, the organizers said. Lutfi Kirdar Convention Centre in Istanbul announced that the exhibition management has terminated the contract and WT has received notification of this incident on 2 May 5. “They have expressed concern about the possibility of penalties if government continues with plans to hold the event cigarettes, WT said in an emailed statement. “We were amazed by arbitrary decisions and this totally unjustified. No advance notice is given despite our staff have daily contact with the convention center. This event has been planned for two years, “said WT. The attempt to find an alternative location in Istanbul at the last minute did not succeed, WT said. World Tobacco International is a media sponsor for the World Tobacco Turkey. The trade fair next WT expected to take place in Hamburg on May 11/2013. (Tobacco Journal)

Australia: Stickers covered cigarette packs
6/5 – The Australian government can not do anything to stop the company launched the stickers to cover up the plain cigarette packs due to Federal regulations required when products are sold domestically. Health Minister Tanya Plibersek Federation declared that while she recognized that Box Wrap, a Queensland company, has started production of stickers that read, “This is how your shell, that is the choice your “(It’s your box, it’s your choice) for smokers to stick on the pack, she could not do anything to prevent anyone using them. She claimed that the fact that people are resorting to using the patch on the pack, which means the law is effective. Box Wrap distribution company stickers with animal pictures, cartoons and Australian flag to cover up cigarette packs. Tobacco Station Stores Group found that no stickers with logo and their website address for customers. Packaging Act allows federal slippery patch of cigarette packs sold separately, as long as the product is distributed tobacco cigarette packs have not been covered by a patch and it does not advertise products tobacco products. (Tobacco Asia)

US: Retailers say Bloomberg’s policies promoting illegal trade
4/5 – A representative of the Association of Grocery Stores blamed anti-tobacco policies of Mayor Michael Bloomberg made tobacco sales decline legitimate, the black market thrives, news sites Politicker reported. Sales volume reached 42 million tut legitimate before Bloomberg took office in 2001, now only 7 million tut, Mr. David Schwartz of the Association of shopkeepers say. The decline until it is not inconceivable, meaning smokers have switched to illegal products, he said. Retailers in New York is
against anti-tobacco initiatives latest city mayor which includes a ban on displaying tobacco products in retail stores and apply minimum tobacco prices. Retailers will no longer be allowed to put out cigarette coupons, according to Politicker. Mr. Schwartz is an element in the coalition, Save the our stores (Save Our Stores), was formed to fight the initiative, the site reported. (Tobacco Journal)

Indonesia: The rules “inefficient”
4/5 – “We know that the level of delays in drafting the new regulations mean persevering in the industry negotiating the points detailed in the regulations,” said Tulus Abadi of the Foundation Consumers Indonesia (YLKI), quoted in the Jakarta Post. He believes that the new regulations on tobacco, was signed into law before December 24, will not be effective in curbing tobacco use in the country. Among the provisions in the new law is the deadline
18 months to comply with the requirements for health warnings with pictures and words on 40% of the surface of cigarette packs and prohibit the use of words such as Light, Mild, Low Tar, Slim, Special and Premium. Despite the fact that a number of famous brands, such as Star Mild and Djarum Lights, compromised by the need to change the name and clearly needs time to adjust. The anti-smoking activities as Mr. Abadi believe tobacco companies are lenient an unfair way. (Tobacco Asia)

Malaysia: License for electronic cigarettes?
3/5 – Electronic cigarettes are being sold quite openly in parts of Malaysia, will be monitored and may soon be adjusted. The Ministry of Health has begun to track the sale of these devices, according to Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai Datuk Seri. “The business, distribution or storage of electronic cigarettes is an offense under the Poison Act 1952 and Regulation 1984 on control Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics,” according to Dr Zulkifli Jantan Datuk director Sarawak Regional Medical. Some consumer associations have suggested that electronic cigarettes should be sold by pharmacists licensed or registered to practice medicine appointed by the Health Ministry, along with the Ministry of Health calls research “side effects” of electronic cigarettes for smokers. “These types of tobacco can be bought anywhere and the inventory exists and tobacco dealers make money fast”, according to director of operations Datuk Johan Prior Nadzim Consumers Association of Muslim Malaysia (PPIM). (Tobacco Asia)

Egypt: JT acquired Nakhla
2/5 – Japan Tobacco Inc. announced that they have signed an agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of Al Nakhla Tobacco Company SAE and Al Nakhla Tobacco Companies – Free Zone SAE (Collectively, “Nakhla”). This agreement was signed between the Group and Batata JT SA, where control Nakhla. JT hopes to finalize this acquisition in the financial year ending on March 31 2013. Nakhla, [exhibition at Inter-Tabac Asia in Manila, Philippines] has its headquarters and two factories in Cairo and Shebin El Kom, Egypt and one of the manufacturers of tobacco (also called molasses [molasses] and non shisha) world leading with important presence in the domestic market. The company exports to 85 countries, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, where these products which have a profound source heritage angle. With a heritage of nearly 100 years of industry experience, Nakhla pioneered the concept of flavored molasses and has 70% market share in this segment in Egypt. The total sales volume of approximately 24,000 tonnes Nakhla in 2011 (equivalent to 24 billion cigarettes), through a portfolio of diversified brands include El Nakhla, Classic, Mizo and famous brands Other. (Tobacco Asia)

US: ISO 12 931 will drive growth in 2013
2/5 – There will be significant growth in 2013 as the manufacturer compliance to ISO 12931, the first international standard gives guidelines on protection from counterfeiting products, predicts of the trade body representing the industry holography (three dimensional) world. Ian Lancaster, General Secretary of the International Association of Manufacturers Hologram, said that brand owners should consider carefully the new standard, the ISO published in June last year, when they develop a strategic Strategy to take advantage of it. ISO 12931 includes “performance criteria for authentication solutions used to combat counterfeiting and to provide guidance on the protection of products from being counterfeited using security devices like holograms . “ISO 12931 is an important step forward, the benefit is expected for holographic industry in the coming years. (Tobacco Asia)

Hungary: Government announced the second tender for sale of tobacco licenses
2/5 – The Hungarian government, which recently awarded licenses for tobacco sales in 5415 of more than 15,000 bids, today announced the second tender for 1,417 licenses awarded no tenders for sale tobacco in the community less than 2,000 residents. The deadline to submit bids is May 1
7 2013. After the government announced the results of the first tender, the MPs of the Party
Fidesz government introduced in Parliament a bill that would ensure tobacco seller a profit margin of 10%, compared to the current 3-4%. Janos Lazar, head of the Office of the Prime Minister said, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has proposed that margin should be increased to 12%. (MTI Econews)

EU: Trade illegal break new record
1/5 – Trafficking of illegal cigarettes in the European Union reached a new record high for the sixth consecutive year, according to a KPMG report commissioned by Philip Morris International. Research shows that trafficking of illegal tobacco increased by 11.1% in 2012 compared with
10.4 percent in 2011. With a 31% market cigarettes, illegal cigarettes have the highest market share in Latvia. Latvia losing about LVL60 million (111.4 million) to LVL70 million annual tax revenue due to smuggling of cigarettes. Representatives of KPMG Mr Andris Purins Baltic neighbors Latvia said, Belarus and Russia, are exacerbating the problems black market. Other markets in the EU strongly affected include Lithuania, where illegal tobacco accounts
27.5% of the market; Ireland (19.1%), Finland
(16.9%), the UK (16.4%), France (15.7%), Greece (13.4%) and Poland (13%). England, Greece, Italy and Estonia recorded the highest growth in the market of illegal cigarettes in 2011, according to the KPMG report. (Tobacco Reporter)

UK: Imperial Tobacco jumped electronic trains
1/5 – Imperial Tobacco Group, the fourth largest tobacco world market share, said it had formed a joint venture to develop electronic cigarette, because it must compete in a consumer environment day the more difficult in Europe. The company said Fontem Ventures will consider areas such as electronic cigarette vapor, according to a story published by Reuters. “We are looking for opportunities and we are actively developing in that area at this time,” Chief Executive Alison Cooper said and added that the company will be “open” to implement repurchase. Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity for smokers trying to quit. Rival British American Tobacco company was founded Nicoventures in 2011 to develop this product. Imperial has been fighting with the declining number of smokers in the developed countries and the rise of the black market in countries like Spain and France by raising prices, cutting costs and focusing on Emerging markets, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The company said full-year profit growth per share will be in the lowest level of the target range of 4-8% percent by this challenge. Analysts had expected an increase of 5.6% Imperial, according to Reuters data. (Tobacco Reporter)

Pakistan: 25 million smokers consume 36 billion cigarettes per year
1/5 – “Report on the National Health Service in 2013” of the Pakistan Medical Association showed that there are 25 million smokers consume 36 billion cigarettes per year. According to reports, one shisha smoking session in one hour is equivalent to smoking 200 cigarettes. The number of cases of oral cancer is increasing rapidly in Pakistan, with the most common illness in men is largely caused by the use of products like betel chewing tobacco, Mainpuri meet, gutka and naswar, this report
said. (News International)

Vietnam: WHO expert opinion on the law of prevention and harm tobacco
11/5 – The party or individual units and related to the implementation of the Law can be divided into 5 main categories:
Group 1 is the leader, managing the unit, have extremely important roles helping to Law from wide range, a specific abstract within their agencies and units.
Group 2 is for smokers. Law stipulates that smokers are obliged: No Smoking
tobacco in places smoking bans and cigarette smoking indoors when there are children, pregnant women, the sick, the elderly.
Group 3 is those who do not smoke. Nonsmokers if someone smoking near him in the area of prohibitions should ask smokers to stop smoking or move out of the area by smoke.
Group 4 is the State authorities have been assigned responsibility for the execution and handling of violations of the Law. Functions and duties of these bodies has been defined very clearly in Article 32 of the Law.
To enforce effectively required the entry of the relevant heading above 5. However, most important is that the agencies and departments and the heads and managers of venues have smoking bans. (VGP News)

World: The theme of World No Tobacco Day this year: “No tobacco advertising”
9/5 – World Health Organization (WHO) established the theme of World No Tobacco Day this year, will take place on 31.05.2013, the “Prohibition on tobacco advertising, promotion and financing aid “, a requirement for all parties to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control of the WHO to perform within 5 years after participating in the treaty. World No Tobacco Day aims to encourage countries to implement this provision. WHO said that ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to “reduce the demand for tobacco, and therefore the purchase of tobacco control. WHO estimates suggest that the use of Tobacco products kill nearly six million people each year worldwide, including more than 600,000 who do not smoke. If current trends in smoking continues, this figure is expected to reach more than eight million each year in 2030, with over 80% of these deaths could be prevented occurs between people who live in countries of low and middle income, the agency added. (WHO)

Vietnam: Mass media campaign to mobilize law enforcement tobacco harm prevention
7/5 – In Hanoi, a mass media campaign with national scale has been launched
today in Hanoi, to support the implementation of the Law on Tobacco Prevention (Law PCTH tobacco). PCTH tobacco law takes effect from 1 May 2013. The launching ceremony and media campaign was launched with the support of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation; World Lung Foundation and the (WLF), Action for Children Fund Smoke (TFK) Campaign activities include broadcasting on Vietnam television content 02 TV spot about the harmful effects of tobacco and Law on Prevention and Tobacco Control; Activities messaging (SMS) implementation support via phone and website Law Programme Harm Prevention Administration is- drugs and treatment, the Department of Health and HCM Communist Youth Union implemented. (VINACOSH)

US: PM USA event in New York retailers selling counterfeit cigarettes
7/5 – Philip Morris USA (PM USA) has filed a lawsuit in federal court against 30 retailers in New York City by selling fake cigarettes Marlboro cigarette brand of the company. PM USA said that they will continue the fight against counterfeit sellers to protect the valuable trademarks, support law enforcement and encourage the business brand their legitimacy. With this new lawsuit, PM USA has sued a total of 243 New York retailers selling counterfeit Marlboro cigarettes. In addition to litigation, the company continues to support law enforcement criminal investigation related to cigarette smuggling in New York and across the US. (CSP Daily News)

England: Plans packaging become slippery in smoke
2/5 – British Prime Minister David Cameron has canceled plans to require all tobacco products to be sold in plain packaging, according to a story published today by the newspaper The Sun. The Minister of Health has to consider this for a year. Proponents assert bland packaging will prevent smokers – and not leave children workout routines. Initially Mr Cameron backed the plan, but was convinced because it would hurt the packaging industry. Also there are concerns that it may lose £ 3 billion of revenue generation and it has led House of bitter debate. Now Mr Cameron has ordered this bill forward until the Queen speech next week. A Whitehall source said: “The packing slip may or may not be a good idea, but it is unrelated to the main objective of the government. The Prime Minister is determined to thoroughly everything we we do so we can focus all our efforts on the real quality requirements of the voters. That means growth, immigration and welfare reform. “Officials in Australia, go early in implementing plain packaging, has acknowledged no evidence that people quit smoking. (Tobacco Reporter)

Philippines: credit rating increased after the tax reform
1/5 – Fitch Ratings recently raised the credit rating of the Philippines to a “BBB-“, said that the tax reform “sin” has recently demonstrated the government’s commitment to strengthen the tax revenue base of them. In January, the Philippines enacted a new law on taxation of alcohol and tobacco, which increases the price for low grade tobacco brand domestic production of about 700 percent. (Tobacco Reporter)

Russia: The Critics smoking ban tobacco altogether
1/5 – In Russia, where the ban on smoking in public places will be introduced gradually, according to an anti-tobacco legislation recently approved Federal, smokers said that the measure is discriminatory and would violate their civil rights. A newly founded movement called “smokers’ rights” by Mikhail Boyarsky actor says fig led this organization intends to collect one million signatures by the end of 2013 for a petition urged the government to allow designated area to smoke in hotels, train stations, long-distance trains and airports, and grant “smoking license” allows the restaurant to take regional Own People
smoking. (Pravda)

USA: The new requirements for testing of FDA
FILTRONA Scientific Services, a business unit of FILTRONA PLC, is in the process of implementing a number of new test methods are available from leading laboratory their world to meet the requirements of the Agency for Food updates Food and Drug (FDA) to inspect all tobacco products with an expanding portfolio of 93 ingredients harmful and potentially harmful (HPHCs). FILTRONA Scientific Services is actively working with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the International Laboratory Accreditation Members of Co-operation (ILAC), in order to gain recognition for the new test method around. (Tobacco Asia)

US: LOGIC Technology published research on electronic cigarettes
Manufacturer of electronic cigarette LOGIC Technology, headquartered in New Jersey, announced that Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist, who has contributed commentary and analysis for Fox News and was an editor at Good Housekeeping, will take over the 12-week clinical study expansion of electronic cigarettes LOGIC at their hospital “to determine their effectiveness in reducing or quit using tobacco products.” LOGIC Technology said the findings would “support the industry is growing rapidly and prove what we have been saying for years, that the LOGIC is a smart choice to help with the American smokers better choice. ” Dr. Ablow, previously reported that three people who quit smoking are recommended when using electronic cigarettes as part of a smoking cessation program, said he agreed to conduct clinical studies because he did not “understand why the universities and the government did not actively explore the use of electronic cigarettes to help smokers to stop using tobacco.” (PR Newswire).