Independence Medal First Class

Anniversary Speech by Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thuy-Party Secretary, Director of Thang Long Tobacco Company stated: In the 55 years of construction and development, Thang Long Tobacco Company has overcome many difficulties, challenge. From a simple workshop, craft far has built a plant’s surface, modern, Regional level, stand in the market mechanism; and become a leading enterprise of the Corporation Vietnam Tobacco period of renovation and integration; Thang Long tobacco products has always been the consumer all parts of the country favored. 55 years generation layer cadres and workers of Thang Long Tobacco Company is always unity, dynamism, creativity, determination to overcome difficulties, strive to emulate complete and fulfill the design criteria production and business plans. Putting a business from producing tobacco mechanic half toward mechanization and automation. Managing staff, engineers, skilled workers experienced company constantly growing, always have many technical innovations are applied effectively. From 2008 until now the company has invested more 3 on graft chain cigarette filters have a capacity of 7,000 on cigarettes / minute and automatic bagging 350 packs / minute. Also, the company has linked cooperation with the firm producing the famous tobacco in the world, as the company BAT, the company Dubai OGT-, corporations HONGTA (China). Thus tobacco products of the company meet growing demand, consumer preferences; some products meet international standards present in many countries worldwide.

From 2006 to date the Company has always exceeded production targets business: Revenues in 2006 reached 953.6 billion, 2010 was 2977.7 billion; State budget in 2006 was 350 billion, 2010 was 1188.9 billion; Profit in 2006 was $ 20.3 billion, 78.5 billion in 2010; the average income of workers in 2006 was 5 million 70 thousand, in 2010 was 8 million 800 hundred. Especially in 2011, although affected by the world economic crisis and rising domestic inflation, adversely affecting production inputs; but the company has produced and sold more than 1 billion cigarette packs, up 18% compared to 2010, sales reached 3,904 billion, up 31% compared to 2010; budget 1.470 billion, up 34% compared to 2010; profits up 42% compared to 2010; the average income of workers was nearly 10 million / person / month.

Construction work and activities of the Party and mass organizations are regularly maintained and strengthened. Party Company continued to achieve strong and clean title clean and strong and typical excellence. The maintenance of security and order, labor safety and hygiene, fire prevention, environmental protection has always done well, every year the reward is issued on the emulation unit, typical examples . Business social welfare, charitable, caring for mothers Vietnam hero is always a leader.

With the above achievements, ongoing since 1993 cadres and Party members, workers and employees of the Company was awarded 10 Chinese honor the emulation of the Prime Minister, 04 third-class Labor Medal, 02 Labour Order second class and 02-class Labor Medal; 01 third-class Independence Medal and 01 second-class Independence Medal for the team. Many individuals Medals and Merit kinds. As we celebrate 55 years of establishment, Thang Long Tobacco Company honored the State Party and the Independence Medal class.
Authorized by the President, Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai-Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade has awarded the Independence Medal First Place for the company and said the proposal: Officials, members, employees and workers of Industry Thang Long Tobacco Company, continue to promote the tradition and achievements of 55 years of construction and development; 2012 and subsequent years, continue to innovate and improve the quality and effectiveness of the management of production, ensure financial resources for the development of production and business; attaches great importance on the quality of growth, improve the efficiency of investment and production and business efficiency. Stepping up the campaign “The priority for Vietnam Vietnam.” To consolidate and develop the domestic market, boost exports and improve the competitiveness of products, build brands and develop sustainable Thang Long tobacco market domestically and internationally; Strive produced and consumed 1.2 billion cigarette packs, revenue from 5500-6000 billion, of which 45-50% from the export of tobacco products. To accelerate the movement in the company; strengthening Party building and mass, build corporate culture; striving to build Thang Long Tobacco Company is the hero in innovation period.