Fine tobacco companies headache with new regulations

Decision prints bring anti-smoking content to the upper half of cigarette packs sold in the US are facing opposition from many large domestic companies.

Tobacco industry of the US is to speak out against decisions attached pictures of the victims died from smoking and lung cancer on all cigarette packets sold from next year. Food Management Agency and the US pharmaceutical yesterday chose anti-smoking image 9 of 36 pictures selected last year.

Photos like shots deep teeth tobacco or a man is release the smoke from a hole in the neck to be in the top half of cigarette packs sold in the US, starting in May 10/2012 . The printed image on the pack is specified in a law adopted since 2 years ago, now sparking a legal battle from a lot of companies large tobacco producers.
Tobacco is not only bad for the smoker but also to influence the people around, especially young children. Photo: AP

Reynolds American, tobacco manufacturing company Pall Mall and Camel brands, and the company Lorillard (brand Newport) said that the provisions in the shocking pictures on the top half of the pack by the Government as inappropriate with the law. However, company Altria, known for its Marlboro brand and the company’s largest tobacco producing country had supported the request on.

This is the most obvious change in the US cigarette market in more than a quarter century. According to the Center Management and Disease Prevention, more than 20% of the adult population smoke and tobacco-related diseases claimed the lives of 443,000 people each year.