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Request strengthen anti-tobacco smuggling

Implementation of Directive No. 30 / CT-TTg dated 30-9-2014 of the Prime Minister on strengthening the fight against tobacco smuggling; the ministries, branches, localities and functional forces actively fight, discovered many large tobacco smuggling. However, cigarette smuggling situation remains complicated and tends to increase, especially in the period from now to the Lunar New Year

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Recommendations criminalization cigarette smuggling 500 bags

At the conference, on behalf of the Agency Standing 389 National Steering Committee, Deputy Finance Minister Do Hoang Anh Tuan statement of implementing Directive 30. Accordingly, the fight against smuggling, drug trafficking contraband tobacco was initially achieved positive results. However, prices of foreign cigarettes on the market increases, so the objects organized cigarette smuggling from

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Recommendations promote prevention of cigarette smuggling

I. The production business for 5 months 2015: Efforts to strengthen the domestic market and boost exports In the first 5 months of 2015, despite the sharp rise in smuggling and complicated, whole Complex Corporation has attempted to overcome difficulties, to implement solutions and key tasks as: Focus consolidation and stable development of business activities

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