Operational capacity


Market Strategy fit
In 5 years, two key products of the Company include Thang Long Thang Long soft and hard shell has seen spectacular growth. The market share of 2 synthetic products have completely dominated in the North and North Central for the product segment. One of the factors that make the success of Thang Long is a harmonious combination between quality and price and organize appropriate distribution channels. With quality products, but selling prices were very competitive compared with similar products of the segment average and ordinary. Is Thang Long has been very strong consumption in rural market areas. Besides, the Board of Directors the Company has a policy to regulate the products are suitable in the market area to prevent and reduce each local surpluses and speculative hoarding goods dealer level 1 and distributors. Finally, the balance of harmony and ensure reasonable interest between the Company and distributors have promoted the sales agent of the company and ensure a wide coverage of products across all markets. According VINATABA, coverage of Thang Long products are always high and the head of the 10 products in the market compare like Haiphong, North East, and solely behind the High VINATABA in Market Hanoi, Red River Delta and the product behind the White Horse in North Central.
Product has gradually rebranding

Through many years of history and development, the products of Thang Long has fully confirmed the brand and position for the consumers in Northern and North Central. In 2014, not out of the declining trend of the overall market, but the market share of cigarettes of the Thang Long has stepped spectacular growth. According VINATABA, in some northern and north-central, in the top 10 most popular products, the market share of the Thang Long was up by 8 percentage points in the period January to 1/2014 January / 2015.Hien in, the market share of these products in the area of ​​Thang Long this market accounted for over 50%.
Skilled labor, dedication

In the context of the production capacity of the company does not meet the needs of the market, the production department of the company had to arrange continuous production 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, with high labor intensity, but some senior employees have remained loyal skilled work taiCong sticking and companies. Employee turnover rate of the Company at a low level. There are several generations of the family have to stick with the Company, unprecedented situation strikes, slowdowns or major disruption of production due to causes stem from workers.

Although mechanical systems production lines of the company are not consistent, some are outdated but still be remedied promptly upon the occurrence of a failure to maintain continuous production. Technical workers stood skilled machine could handle, refine the machinery to produce these products meet quality requirements and specifications.