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On January 6th 1957, Thang Long Tobacco Factory, the pioneer of Vietnam Tobacco Industry, was established in Hanoi. According to Decision No. 318/2005/QD-TTG dated December 6th 2005 of Prime Minister, Thang Long Tobacco Factory was converted into Thang Long Tobacco Company Limited. Over 57 years of construction and development, the Company had had great contribution for Tobacco Industry in Vietnam .

Full Name: Thang Long Tobacco Company Limited
English Name: Thang Long Tobacco Company Limited
Abbreviation: VINATABA Thang Long


235 Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam


Main manufacturing sectors and business of Thang Long Tobacco Company include: producing and selling cigarettes; manufacturing, processing and repairing equipments; importing and exporting company’s products as well as other business activities. Thang Long Tobacco Company strictly implements technological process and quality standards to improve product quality as well as satisfy increasing demand of domestic and international market.

With average production of over 1 billion packets per year, VINATABA Thang Long is one of pioneers in manufacturing, trading and introducing Vietnam tobacco products to global market. Today, many cigarette brands of Thang Long Tobacco Company are being sold in different areas of the world. In addition to export to traditional markets such as Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. Thang Long Tobacco Company is constantly expanding to new markets like Singapore, South Korea, Europe and the United States.

VINATABA Thang Long plays an important role in Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation in particular and Vietnam Tobacco Industry in general. In the future, Thang Long Tobacco Company will focus on enhancing more partner relations with countries in the region and around the world. Thang Long Tobacco Company is willing to cooperate and share business opportunities with all domestic and international partners for the development of Tobacco industry in Vietnam.